Empowering underserved families, through caring relationships, to achieve a legacy of social, spiritual, and economic self-sufficiency

Our Mission:


Mentoring Towards Independence (MTI) is a program designed to work with families who are ready to INVEST in themselves and their families

Christian Community Services, Inc. (CCSI) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization established in 1997 to assist families in achieving independent lifestyles.CCSI is impacting our city and changing lives every day by: 

  1. Building financial health through educating and empowering hundreds of Middle Tennesseans on financial literacy of budgeting, saving and credit to facilitate self-sufficiency.
  2. Matching the savings of over 120 program graduates to achieve long-term assets of higher education, microbusinesses, and 115 became first time homeowners.
  3. Successes have contributed over $13 MILLION to the local economy through housing sales and property taxes.
  4. Saving taxpayers more than $3 MILLION in government subsidies from those no longer needing assistance.


Homebuyer education

Classes that teach prospective homeowners how to navigate the purchasing and lending process.

Families Helping Families Dream, Invest, and Achieve

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Workshop designed to help Participants take control of their finances.

Christian Community Services, Inc.

CCSI: Christian Communnity Services, Inc.

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