Mentoring Towards Independence



The CCSI Mentoring Towards Independence program is designed to work with families who are ready to INVEST in themselves and their families. CCSI believes in the value of education and supportive relationships to empower individuals to direct their own paths to personal and financial wellbeing, and to create legacies of self-sufficiency for their families. BFT is a pre-requisite for MTI.

During your time with MTI we will: 

  • Meet one night weekly September - May (1st program year)

  • CCSI Family dinner together begins each evening

  • Family Mentoring

  • Adult Life Skills and Financial Empowerment topics

  • Personal Financial Counseling

  • Matched Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

  • Program Year end Celebration of Success!

While the adults attend class, the children attend a structured program focused on financial education and personal, academic, social, and spiritual development (PASS).


What We’ve Accomplished So Far…


•We have saved the TN Government $3.3 Million in Public Subsidies.


•We have helped generate $696,611 in Annual Property Tax Payment so far!


We have helped generate over $13.6 Million Total House Sales and the number is growing!